Jesus > Religion book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Abandon dead, dry, rule-keeping and embrace the promise of being. Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, Jesus > Religion and millions of other books are available for instant access. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jefferson Bethke has a compelling story of overcoming a . In his first book, Jesus > Religion, Jefferson Bethke helps us understand that there is a big different between the rule-keeping of religion and the.

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    Jesus Religion Book

    In his first book, Jesus > Religion, Jefferson Bethke helps us understand that there is a big different between the rule-keeping of religion and the freedom in. Where this kind of religion generates apathy, Bethke points to Jesus as This is hardly the first book to contrast Christianity with religion, but of. Now, nearly two years on from the video going online, Bethke's first book is here, ' Jesus > Religion – Why He is So Much Better than Trying Harder, Doing More.

    He went from unknown to celebrity in the blink of an eye. While he does not use the term, he describes what Christian Smith labeled moralistic therapeutic deism, and he holds up Jesus—the Jesus of the Bible, rather than the Jesus of our imaginations—as a far better alternative. Since that time he has sharpened his ideas a fair bit. Yes, he still makes a forced contrast between Christianity and religion, as if the two are incompatible, but this time he carefully explains what he means. Where this kind of religion generates apathy, Bethke points to Jesus as a radical and a revolutionary whose message is scandalous and outrageous. All through the book, then, Bethke contrasts this counterfeit Christianity with the real deal. He calls his readers away from the trappings of gospel-free Christianity and shows them that what Jesus offers is so much greater.

    With refreshing candor, he delves into the motivation behind his message, beginning with the unvarnished tale of his own plunge from the pinnacle of a works-based, fake-smile existence that sapped his strength and led him down a path of destructive behavior.

    Along his journey, Bethke discovered the real Jesus, who beckoned him beyond the props of false religion. After viewing this video when it came out on YouTube, I was hooked. So much resonated with me.

    The words that were spoken were so easy to relate to and connect with, as a young person, as a Christian, as a writer, as so many things. Since that moment, I had been hoping and waiting for Jeff to release a book. No way. I knew there was more behind that poem. We all did.

    Jesus > Religion - Student Book

    Hence the 25 million plus views. We all wanted and needed more. I was elated when I saw advanced copies at Book Expo America BEA this past May and have since underlined something on just about every page of the book.

    Me and my annotations. Anyway… I love this book.

    Everything about it. Why do Christians focus more on supposed acts of righteousness than the needs of others? How is the Jesus portrayed in the gospels different from the Jesus promoted by religion?

    Jesus>Religion [Book Review]

    His tone is engaging and personable, and he has an uncanny ability to quickly cut to the heart. It informally exposes unhelpful stereotypes of Christianity.

    It gets grace on the table. And so for these, I commend it. You can pre-order on site UK here. Full disclosure: The publisher sent me a copy of the book for free, but I hope this is still a fair and honest review!

    Book Review: Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke - Hollywood the Write Way

    Hi there! This is seriously an incredible review, and I think you definitely captured a lot of what the book is about, and the heart that I felt Jefferson Bethke put into it as well. Hello, my name is Robin. Welcome to That Happy Certainty , where I write and collate on Christianity, culture, and church-planting. Refill on inspiring Christian links each week and join other subscribers Thank you for subscribing!

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    But before I share a review, why not watch the original video: Read it? Seen the video? What do you think? Share this: Why Christians of all people should be celebrating on Halloween.

    Resurrection is for Life, not just for Easter.

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