results Motor 4" imp ASSY, 1/2 insulation, N2, C- USE P/N Hiross Controller Manual Hard Copy / Heller System Setup Wizard: Oven Model: Select from , , , , (9 Zones), . Manual: left or right arrow buttons to move the rail. Heller EXL Reflow Oven. Heller EXL Reflow Oven. The EXL - from Heller's newest generation of reflow ovens- provides 25% specs (pdf).

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    Heller Reflow Oven Specifications (). Model, S, SN, Dual Cool, N Dual Cool. Mesh Belt Conveyor. Conveyor Height From Floor. "heller w manual" search results in the Electronics Forums Dec 29, | We have a Heller W Reflow oven and need a way to catch boards as they. This manual is applicable to all Heller oven models EXLA, EXLA, EXLA and The system default recipe (job, job.

    Facility The oven should be uncrated and installed using an appropriate forklift and Installation following the procedures as outlined. The oven should be connected to power by a qualified electrician and must comply with all appropriate electrical and safety codes. See instruction manual section III for power supply requirements. Failure to follow electrical codes or the use of under-rated supply conductors may cause property damage and may subject the operator to hazardous voltages. The exhaust ducting for the oven should be designed and installed by a qualified HVAC technician capable of calculating air flow from suction blowers and flow losses in upstream and downstream ducting. Improper exhausting may allow flux fumes to be inhaled by the operator. Ensure packing material is removed. Read instruction manual. Operating the When oven is in use, the edge hold conveyor system and other machine Equipment components will become hot.

    The pick and place process was performed with a Siemens machine. A Heller convection oven with 5 heating zones and one cooling zone was used for solder reflow. The 18 reflow profiles were developed using A linear ramp-up method was used for developing reflow profiles. Figure 2 shows Figure 2. A sample lead-free reflow profile Since it is a 32 factorial design with three replications, 27 boards were assembled using SnPb paste and 27 boards were assembled using SAC paste.

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    The facilities drawing for this oven is found on the following page. The software is common to all oven models; the Main Overview Screen is a graphical representation of the oven model. Depending on the configuration of the oven, many different parameters and controls can be displayed. For the sake of simplicity, only the Overview screen for the model oven will be shown in the manual.

    Information that refers only to a particular oven model will be specifically noted. At any time while running the operating software, the user may obtain additional Help by depressing the F1 function key or by selecting topics from the Help menu. Caution: Please do not make changes to any software settings beyond that which are described in this manual without first consulting Heller Industries or an authorized representative.

    Doing so may cause unpredictable oven operation or lead to a hazardous condition. This manual is not intended to be a tutorial on Windows Software.

    Heller 1500EXL Reflow Oven

    It assumes that the user is familiar with the fundamentals of the Windows operating environment such as mouse operation, toolbars, and menus. If the user requires more information, please refer to the Windows system documentation. Starting the Program Turn the computer on. Wait until the Desktop appears as shown in Figure 1. Type heller for the User Name, click on the Password: dialog box and type heller, then depress the Enter key or click on OK.

    Figure 3 The user will be prompted to enter a Recipe to run. See Figure 4.


    Double-click on a Recipe name in the dialog box, click on a Recipe name then depress the Enter key or click on Open, or type the Recipe name in the File name: dialog box then depress the Enter key or click on Open. Figure 4 The software will now run the selected recipe and monitor the oven parameters via the Main Overview Screen. This default user is setup for limited access of functions which includes access to existing recipes, cooldown mode, alarm window and quit the application.

    For more access see section E. Setting up User Security. Depending on the individual configuration of the oven, many different parameters and controls will be displayed. The Main Overview Screen also serves as the recipe editor. See Figure 5. Information, parameters and controls on the overview screen will vary depending on the options of each oven. The above only lists a sampling, a complete description of all parameters and controls can be found by going to the Help menu.

    The temperature control for each heat channel will display the setpoint SP and the actual temperature process value PV. Clicking on the temperature channel SP box, and then inserting a new setpoint can change the setpoint. Setpoints are editable by the user in the Operate mode. The process value PV is constantly monitoring and updating in the Operate mode. A description box located on the top of the screen displays the currently selected channel. The light post animation tracks the condition of the oven status.

    Heller HSH1200 User Manual

    A red light indicates that the oven is currently in an alarm state. A yellow light indicates that there is a warning state present or the oven is in its startup sequence. The green light indicates that the oven is in process ready state and able to accept boards. Clicking on the SP box and inserting a new width in units of length can change the rail edge width for computer controlled edge hold systems only. The actual position is displayed in the PV box.

    Board tracking is monitored through the oven by displaying the actual size of the board as it passes under the incoming board sensor if equipped.

    The supply of nitrogen to the machine can be turned on or off by clicking on the toggle switch labeled nitrogen on the overview screen.