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    For Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 43 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Birthday Guide ( HTML). PDF G uides. PDF Guides for Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town. Doesn't include . with you during the Fall Wine Harvest event, he'll cheer up quite a bit. Help for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on Gameboy Advance. More help ID, Walkthrough, Size, Version , Harvest Moon Walkthrough (GBA ).

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    Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town Walkthrough Pdf

    THIS OFFICIAL SEAL IS YOUR ASSURANCE THAT NINTENDO. HAS APPROVED THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT. ALWAYS. LOOK FOR THIS SEAL. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Walkthrough I had tried to make a Walkthrough with this game once, but when completed I found. FAQ/Walkthrough (w/ samurai goroh) (GBA), Jul 27, Got a Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the.

    Neither can win, so they part ways. The Witch Princess, on meeting the Harvest Goddess next, attempts to cast a spell to silence her, but instead petrifies her. While trying to undo her spell, the Witch Princess inadvertently sends the Harvest Goddess to another world, so she sends all of the Harvest Sprites small, elf-like creatures to the same world to rescue her. The Witch Princess then tells the player to bring all of the Harvest Sprites back in order to rescue the Harvest Goddess. Living in the valley are a number of villagers, nine bachelorettes, and five rival bachelors. Gameplay[ edit ] Players earn money primarily through their farm, by growing crops or raising livestock. Growing crops is slightly different from previous Harvest Moon games; rather than being restricted to his own farm land, the player may grow crops on unowned fields of various sizes and fertility all over the valley. Each crop must be planted during a certain season; for example, turnips must be planted in the spring.

    The numbers are generated randomly, so there's really no way of telling what the next number will be except guess. Here's a list of items you can win: If you run out of place to put the items you win, go outside and put everything shippable in the shipping box. Then go back inside the house and continue until you played 5 times. Since we just begin the game and are very short on money, I suggest you try and guess at least 10 times right so you can get the Relaxation Tea Leaves, and sell them.

    Save before you play the game, and when you didn't get the result you like, you can reset and try again. Tomorrow's weather After playing, check the weather for tomorrow by watching the upper channel. Usually, when you don't like tomorrow's weather, you can save before going to sleep, and reset when you don't like tomorrow's weather. Note that holidays will always be sunny. Daily chore Go outside and find your dog.

    Pick him up by facing him and push the A botton, push the A botton again to drop him. You should do this everyday to raise your dog's heart level. If you don't want to go out everyday and search for him all over the farm, pick him up and leave him inside the house. Later on when you get more animals, you should tend to them everyday too. For more information on animals, check out the animals section. Now, run to your tree and push the A botton, you'll receive a jar of honey.

    This is a great present to give to the Harvest Spirits but we need the money now, so ship the honey. You can pick up the honey once a day, everyday.

    The thing I hate most about Harvest Moon

    Then, run up to the mountains and pick up everything that is shippable and place them in the shipping box. Since you can only carry so little at a time, you probably need to run back and forth a couple of times. Also introduce yourself to Ann and Popuri if you run into them. When you are finally done, it's time to head into town with that blue grass in your bag.

    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Walkthrough

    Also remember to NOT bring any tools with you, or leave at least one space in your rucksack for tool because we'll be getting the fishing rod later on, and you need to have a space in your rucksack to get it.

    If you plan on downloading seeds, DON'T bring any tools with you because that takes up your empty tool slot. Shopping There are some place that I think you should visit. Afterwards, feel free to get yourself familiar around the place. The first place to be is the supermarket.

    This is where you download seeds, some of your tools, and some foods. The seeds are always in the middle counter. Right now you only have G, so download 4 turnip seeds, or 3 potato seeds. The counter on the right has a bigger rucksack and a bucket, but those are expensive for now.

    This is also the place where you download the blue feather once you meet the requirements. This blue feather is needed to propose to a girl. The left counter has some foods for sell. Many of them are cooking ingredents, but you can also use them as gifts. The little counter on the top is where you can wrap up your gifts, it costs G each time, but the person that recieves the gift will be very happy. Since you are here, say hi to everyone in the room, and finish your shopping here.

    Once done, lets head to the next destination, the Harvest Sprite house.

    Harvest Spirits The Harvest Sprite's house is next to the church. Go up through the little path next to the church on the right, and you'll reach their house. Once inside, say hi to everyone.

    Remember the blue grass that I mentioned ealier? The Harvest Sprites HS really like this type of grasses, especially if the color match themselves. So pull out the blue grass, and give it to the blue HS Staid. See the Harvest Sprites section for more info. The Beach Now that we know the importance of these sprites, lets find more grass and give to them. Head out of the house, run through rose squre, and onto the beach where you can find yellow grass and orange grass.

    Grab one of each, and head back to HS's house. One gift a day is enough, the second gift on the same day will effect less, and we are at a time where money is crucial, so the rest of the grass goes to the shipping bin back home. Run to the beach and pick up the other two grass. Now go up to the little wooden house and go inside, this is where you can download expensive vegetable and flower seeds from Won. He also sells many other usful things such as toys for your dog, and a Jewel of Truth.

    But we are here to get the fishing rod. When you first step inside the house, an event should have triggered, and you'll recieve the fishing rod. If this did not happen, you probably don't have an empty tool slot in your rucksack. The Town Now you may wonder freely around town. I suggest you get to know where everything is, and remember where the library is. It has everything you need to know about the game, so it's best to take some time to read throug the books.

    But you can't go there right now because it's closed on Monday. You got lost and met an old man, after which you became friends and promised to write to each other. At some point, you no longer receive letters from your pen-pal, and growing concerned, you traveled to Mineral Town to find the reason for the unexplained delay. Upon your arrival, the mayor alarms you by saying the old man has been dead for around six months and that you have inherited the farm which, due to obvious reasons, is run down.

    You then makes it your mission to restore the farm to its former glory. Gameplay The player starts off with a farm overrun with weeds, some money and some old tools left by the farm's previous owner.

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    The main goal of the game is to run the farm successfully by growing crops and raising livestock, with two other main goals, befriending the inhabitants of Mineral Town , and marrying one of the six prospective wives before your five rivals do. Bachelorettes The player has the option of marrying one of six prospective wives who reside in Mineral Town. The whole process is just like any other Harvest Moon games. Here's a complete list of the requirements needed before you can woo one of the game's bachelorettes.

    See marriage requirements for Friends of Mineral Town for more information. Ann - Ann is the daughter of Doug , and helps her father run the Inn. She is a bit of a tomboy, which worries her father.

    Ann's mother died when she was very young. She is free spirited, and loves to eat.

    Ann enjoys cleaning as much as cooking. She can almost always be found at the Inn, but likes to go to the Goddess Spring early in the morning on sunny days. Elli - Elli is a nurse working at the clinic with Doctor. Most of the time she's at the clinic selling medicine, but also takes care of her grandmother Ellen , and her younger brother Stu on Wednesdays, when the clinic is closed.

    She has a very motherly personality, and constantly worries about others. Karen - Karen is an outgoing girl who loves to hang out around the bar or beach at night. She works in the Supermarket during the daytime. Karen is a horrible cook and one of her dishes knocks out the main character in one of her heart events. What I did dislike in Harvest Moon was playing a courier, daily providing, say, one baked potato for a girl to maximize her love score with minimal loss of time and resources.

    It is hard to avoid grinding elements in such games, but some effort to make it a bit less noticeable would be nice. Obviously, with talking, there should be also certain boundaries affecting how much spending time provides - maybe affected by NPC personality.

    The point lies in encouraging regular interaction with the NPC, but decrease profits from just following said NPC every day with gifts like some creepy stalker. Some NPCs could be more social, some less. It would be nice if relationships would develop in somewhat fluid way - by meeting and hanging out once in a few days and people getting to know each other over longer period. However, the time limits game was putting on the player in some of the installments of HM were irritating, forcing the player to choose between actually enjoying the game at normal, leisure pace at the price of severely decreased profit in comaprison with what could be achieved or playing the game like an automaton, running between strategically planted crops choosing the optimal distance etc - Crude and morally simplistic choices with relationships develop through the same dull route.

    Characters should be likeable and it's obvious it wouldn't do the game good if certain characters available as potential partners to some players would be permanently locked out for others.

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